About Heather & Donald


Who is Heather?

Animal Advocate.
Dessert Devotee.
Wine Worshipper.




Hello fellow animal and dessert fanatics! I’ve included my “official” bio below but firstly, I want to welcome you directly to my little passion project here, “Heather & Donald”.

Heather & Donald developed not too long ago, when I sat one day on my balcony banging my head against a wall trying to figure out what to do next with my life after selling my prior company, Dollop Gourmet.

I took every “what should you do with your life” test I could google. I attempted to throw myself into a variety of businesses and industries, but day after day, nothing felt quite “right”.

Then, one day after being fed up upon fed up, I sat down at my kitchen table and listed all of the things I loved best.

  1. Animals - helping, rescuing, saving, advocating for, seeing them happy, smiling, and at peace.
  2. Dessert – eating, savoring, enjoying, devouring.
  3. Wine – tasting, tasting, tasting, tasting.

How could I tie these three loves together while achieving my top priority of raising money for animal rescues?

That's when it hit me. I loved art as a kid. I started my previous business by drawing in chocolate. Maybe I could do up some doodles?

And Doodley-do(!), that's when "Heather & Donald" was born! 

I wholeheartedly thank YOU for sharing these doodles, wearing these doodles, and loving these doodles.

It’s because of YOU that we’re raising thousands (and hopefully millions) of dollars to help save all the animals. You are the animals’ voices and I’m so grateful for the words you’re giving them each and every day.


Heather Saffer

Founder / Heather & Donald


(And now the official Bio:)

Heather Saffer is the founder of Dollop Gourmet; a better-for-you dessert company that produces vegan and gluten-free lower sugar frostings. Heather graduated from SUNY Brockport with a degree in psychology but got her start as the founder of the nation’s first create-your-own cupcake bakery in NY. Since then, Heather has proven her expertise by winning Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, getting multiple offers on ABC’s Shark Tank, showcasing her products on QVC, and authoring two bestselling cookbooks, The Dollop Book of Frosting (Simon & Schuster/F+W Media) and Crazy Easy Vegan Desserts (Sterling Epicure). As a successful entrepreneur and self-taught baker, Heather has been featured in Forbes, People Magazine, Huffington Post, USA Today, Oprah, and Sirius XM. Heather sold Dollop Gourmet in May 2019 to Mimac Glaze Ltd., an international leader in the gourmet icing industry.


Who is Donald?


Corgi mix.
Independent Thinker.
Cookie Connoisseur.




Born on the rough & tumble streets of Rochester, NY, Donald is the best friend, co-pilot, and rescuer of Heather. These two don’t go anywhere without each other (well, Donald would if he could but Heather won’t let him).

Donald was discovered with sad eyes at a shelter but now is living his best life on the sandy beaches of Florida. 

Donald’s favorite things include food, barking at dogs, playing with friends, food, traveling, loads of attention, food, old ladies, ignoring Heather, and above all, food.

Donald dislikes getting wet and being told what to do. 

Donald wants to thank you all for helping him raise money to save all his furry friends!